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Garden Blog 07:09:16

Today was our first day of gardening club since the new term. The students were enthusiastic to begin; we took the gardening tools out and the paint to prepare for the day’s activities. 



Brad and James were eager to clear the pond out, Brad cleared the pond weed and was very interested in learning the difference between that and Oxygenators.





Jack chief planter.


Jack painted the second coat of the flower bed and James cleared the second bed out in preparation for the new bulbs to be panted. 



After we finished we discussed what the students would like to do in the weeks to come, it was suggested that we make things to sell which are related to our gardening for Christmas. The students were excited with this prospect. We also spoke about our trip to the garden centre which is planned for the following week.  




Here are some of our ideas……


Activities planned




Greeting cards


Painting our own birdhouses


Making our own bird feeders


Making sun catchers


Designing and painting mandalas


Designing our own logo for a gardening sweatshirt.