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Garden Blog 13:09:16

Another great session for our keen gardeners and our focus this week was planning our ‘Spring Garden’.  Our two gardeners this week were the formidable Bradley and our new keen gardener Gemma.




The aim of this week’s session was to gain an understanding of plants that emerge from bulbs, what bulbs look like and how to plant them. Bradley started the session by matching up pictures of bulbs with flowers. The reasoning being to encourage students to learn the connection between our spring flowers and their origin. Bradley was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and was very good at matching up the names with the pictures.



Our next course of action was to take our students to our local garden centre to buy our bulbs. As we were walking to the centre, Brad enjoyed taking photos of some of our beautiful local trees. 




Brad completed their purchases and we were now joined by the indomitable Gemma our newest member of the gardening club.



A lot of fun was had on the climbing frame and then we set to work to begin a collection of photos for our ‘card making activities’. We are planning to create a series of cards for Birthdays and Christmas. Again our amazing students took a series of beautiful photos and enjoyed looking, touching and photographing the beautiful flowers and plants.