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Garden Blog 21:09:16

Today’s gardening club commenced with an activity to introduce planting bulbs, the activity familiarised the process of planting the bulb into the earth and described that the amount of space needed was twice the size of the bulb. The students thought the bulbs looked like onions! And started to play with them. Miss Tanner told them that of they could keep the bulb on their heads they get a £1, so of course they all tried. 



After the very fun bulb balancing Brad and Gemma went outside to plant the bulbs with Miss Tanner. They used a ruler to measure the correct depth into the earth. 

Inside the arc Miss Ford helped Jack and James make smoothies. We spoke about the vitamins that come from fruit and how different coloured fruits have different vitamins. They had fun blending the fruit up into yummy smoothies. Then Brad and Gemma came in to make smoothies and tried fruit that they had never seen before. 




Gemma had been eating her way around the garden outside as she had asked Miss Tanner what was edible. And as she realised there was much more edible that she thought! She tasted her way around the herb garden with delight and absolutely loved eating Nasturtiums.