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ART and Design


The GCSE Art and Design course runs for two school years. During year 10 students will work on building up their skills and creating a coursework ‘Portfolio’ which is worth 60% of the final grade. In year 11 they will have some time to improve on their portfolio up until Christmas. After Christmas, up until May, they will do their Externally Set Assignment and 10 hour Controlled Test. This is worth 40% of the final grade.

Throughout each project the students complete they will be assessed against the same four Assessment Objectives. The art teacher and TA will lead them through the creative process a stage at a time, in line with these AO’s. The process begins with researching their project theme and looking at other artists or cultures for inspiration; the gathering of images from the internet, books or magazines. Then they will develop their own ideas using a range of different materials and techniques in keeping with their theme and the research completed beforehand. They are also expected to take their own photographs from which they can draw, and develop these, again using a range of materials/techniques. The final outcome is a piece of art work, whether it is a painting on canvas or a 3D sculpture using clay etc. Over the two years the teacher will deliver four different projects all with a range of titles for example My Manchester. To which each student can produce a body of work directed by their own individual ideas.