At Castlefield campus we recognise the growing need for pupils to be computer literate in the modern world. As part of the ICT curriculum Pupils will engage with a number of projects, activities and trips, all catered to provide pupils with an insight into the digital industry.  Pupils at all stages of their learning will, design, create and evaluate digital products such as websites, virtual tours and videos and will develop a greater understanding of how the digital industry works.

In key stage 3 the emphasis is placed upon developing core skills across key pieces of software (Presentation, Word processing, databases and spreadsheets) whilst developing an understanding of key social issues relating to the digital world (E-safety). Pupils will be assessed through project based work, applying their learning to the creation of a digital product. By the end of key stage 3 pupils will also have the opportunity to gain a functional skills level 1 qualification in Information technology.

In Key stage 4 the emphasis is placed upon application of core skills, taught in key stage 3, in the development of a range of digital products. Pupils will complete both a BTEC level 1 introductory in Information technology qualification and a functional skills level 2 qualification. Both of these qualifications will equip pupils with the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue further study in IT or employment within the digital industry.

Download the full Curriculum Map 2019/2020.