Our Staff

“We are committed to creating a happy, safe and stimulating learning environment where everyone is encouraged to reach their potential. We will promote respect, responsibility, independence and creativity in order to build confidence, increase motivation and establish a love and thirst for learning which will help prepare our pupils for their future life in the wider society.”

Teaching Staff
Executive Headteacher: Alan Braven
Head Teacher: Anna Hudson
Assistant Head Teacher / Acting Head Teacher: Jacquie Williams
Assistant Head Teacher / SENCO: Sean Noble
Teacher of Art: Caroline McKeeney
Teacher of English: Claire Pearson
Teacher of ICT and Business: James McRobert
Teacher of Mathematics: Graham Tobin
Teacher of Physical Education: David Snape
Teacher of Science: Gemma Hughes

Senior Leader – Pupil Well-being
Leigh Clark
Teresa Clixby-Smith

Teaching Assistants
Dominique Bell
Sarah Daly
Matt Barton
Natalie Feurtado
Jacquie Gray
Sue Stephens (Temp)
Hannh Ellis
Lynn Shuttleworth
Charmaine Walters
Ahmed Yonis

Out-of-School Team
Stacey Graham: Personalised Education Manager
Joe Smith: Personalised Education Teacher in PE and ICT
Nadine Lundie: Personalised Education
Georgia Sanchez-Reid: Functional Skills Teaching Assistant
Georgia Sanchez-Reid
Ceri Brown
Gill Cook
Karen West

Support Staff
Angela O’Brien: Federation Business Support Manager
Mary Kelly: Administration
Lavern Fleming: Administration
Michael Marshall: Site Manager
Clare McCormack: Receptionist
Aisha Abdulrahman: Cleaner

ARC Staff
Jacquie Williams: ARC Manager
Christina Bejar-Arrabel: Teacher
Gary Evans: Teacher
Paul Armstrong: Safeguarding Lead – Arc
Jordan Strong: Arc / Outward Bounds

Additional Needs
Sean McKie
Hannah Coupe
Curtis Jones