Our Staff

“We are committed to creating a happy, safe and stimulating learning environment where everyone is encouraged to reach their potential. We will promote respect, responsibility, independence and creativity in order to build confidence, increase motivation and establish a love and thirst for learning which will help prepare our pupils for their future life in the wider society.”

Teaching Staff
Executive Headteacher: Alan Braven
Head Teacher: Anna Hudson
Deputy Head Teacher: Jacquie Williams
Assistant Head Teacher / SENCO: Sean Noble
Teacher of Art: Caroline McKeeney
Teacher of English: Clair Pearson
Teacher of ICT and Business: James McRobert
Teacher of Mathematics: George Dapaah
Teacher of Physical Education: David Snape
Teacher of Science: Gemma Donnelly
Teacher for KS3: Christina Bejar-Arrabel
Teacher for KS3: Gary Evans

Senior Leader – Pupil Wellbeing
Jackie Gray

Designated Safeguarding Lead
Matthew Barton

Teaching Assistants
Dominique Bell
Sarah Daly
Natalie Feurtado
Ahmed Yonis
Asa Smith
George Murphy
Dave Credgington
Matthew Lal
Paul Armstrong (KS3 Safeguarding Lead)
Nathan Schall

Personalised Education Team – PET Cental
Stacey Graham: Personalised Education Manager
Kate Menguy: Teacher or KS4 Maths and English
Danielle Elliot: Teaching Assistant
Gabrielle Dewhurst: Keyworker
Nadine Lundie: Keyworker
Karen West: Keyworker
Joe Smith: Mentor
Hazel MacAuley-Caffrey: Tutor
Gill Gook: Tutor
Lavern Fleming: Administration Assistant

Support Staff
Angela O’Brien: Federation Business Support Manager
Mary Kelly: Administration
Lavern Fleming: Administration
Sue Edwards: Caretaker
Clare McCormack: Administration
Elle Harding: Receptionist
Charlotte Wright: Office manager

Additional Needs
Sean McKie
Kaysha Watson

Mark Salt: Cook
Dawn Bland: Catering assistant