Physical Education

Our curriculum offer seeks to follow the National Curriculum prioritising emotional wellbeing alongside academic achievements in order to meet the individual needs of our pupils, this is exemplified through providing a curriculum which inspires and enables all pupils to succeed through participating and developing skills during team and individual sports whilst dealing with the emotions of success, failure fairness and respect, creating a sense of physical confidence supporting health and fitness. Giving students the opportunity to learn using failure as an important growth mind-set tool.

Also, the curriculum is strategically planned to scaffold the skills required to make successful progress demonstrated through fundamental skills; Agility, Balance and Co- ordination being at the forefront of performance analysis at key stage 3. Encouraging the support of numeracy strategically during lessons, through score keeping, the application of fitness tests and evaluation of performance at key stage 4. These skills are vital because they can be used across other subjects and into further education.

We strive to enthuse and prepare our young people for the wider world to develop the skills imperative to our students’ ability to cope in the wider world and their ability to sustain employment this is incorporated through striving to continue to achieve. Students will develop interpersonal, problem solving and organisational skills through sports participation and teamwork.

A knowledge-engaged curriculum is promoted and facilitated through teaching skills, techniques, tactics and strategies in sport, fitness and outdoor education to outwit opponents and overcome any potential hurdles. Students will need to learn, follow and enforce the rules of a variety of sports and physical activities some of which will be unfamiliar. They will also have the opportunity to coach their peers, cementing their knowledge further. Ensuring all pupils can participate and experience a Physical Education curriculum covering all basis and requirements.

Our ambition for all pupils, is to be given opportunities that will offer them the best understanding of how to be successful in 21st Century Britain; we prioritise communication and literacy skills in every lesson by developing specific vocabulary which allows students to review, reflect and analyse performance of themselves and others. Written evaluations and opportunities allow students to harness these skills in P.E. lessons.

Cultural capital is provided through a programme of off-site visits and experiences: Throughout the student’s school life, there is an enrichment programme in place offering a variety of different activities including boxing, swimming, dancing, trampolining and rock climbing. We feel that offering these activities for our students, it gives them a broader knowledge of Physical Education outside the classroom. Whist experiencing new areas of their community they also improve vital life skills such as communication, self-control, organisation and navigation. Offsite trips are offered throughout both key stages, creating links with local sports teams and facilities. Whilst developing vital social and interpersonal skills in a variety of settings. Lessons in these environments engage students’ enthusiasm and give context to what is being taught.

We strive to ensure our young people are developing the skills and knowledge they need to make and implement informed and aspirational career decisions throughout their working life. We do so through encouraging the ambition and enabling the students’ full potential to be achieved. At key stage 4, there is ample opportunities to broaden knowledge of the workplace, whilst gaining vital experience. Which works alongside our careers programme giving the students the base knowledge and transferrable skills for either a career in sport and active leisure, or another career path.

We pride ourselves on our high expectations of what our young people can achieve this is celebrated through creating a diverse and differentiated curriculum enabling all students the opportunities to develop and achieve, regardless of the students’ prior knowledge or starting point. Recognising achievements through regular relevant verbal, visual and written feedback. An example of this is video analysis, comparing their current to previous performances, highlighting progress. This allows students to develop their growth mind-set and passion for learning.

Download the Curriculum Table 2019/2020.