At Castlefield Campus we recognise that Mathematics is a creative, highly valued and inter-connected discipline. It is essential to everyday life, is necessary for almost all forms of employment and is critical to additional subjects such as science amongst others. Our knowledge-rich curriculum is carefully planned and sequenced to allow progression for all students, regardless of their starting point. The accessibility it provides allows a foundation for understanding the world around us, permits opportunities to reason mathematically, and facilitates an appreciation of the intense power of mathematics; ultimately resulting in enjoyment, curiosity and passion for this beautiful subject. 

In key stage 3 the emphasis is placed upon developing core skills in order to be ready for GCSE at KS4. Our carefully developed scheme of learning covers all the areas outlined in the National Curriculum. Fluency, reasoning and problem solving are embedded through-out the scheme of learning to ensure that all students can progress from their starting point.  Pupils will be assessed through teacher assessment and regular testing. 

In Key stage 4 all pupils will follow the AQA GCSE maths curriculum. Personalised learning and ongoing teacher assessment will enable pupils to access tailored lessons in order for them to make the most of their mathematic ability.  The scheme of learning covers all the objectives outlined in the National Curriculum.  There are two tiers of entry- Foundation and Higher. The scheme of learning builds on the prior concepts taught at Key stage 3.   

Key Stage 4 students will also study functional skills alongside GCSE which will be embedded in core lessons.  Throughout Year 10 and 11 they will have multiple opportunities to take exams at Entry Level, Level 1 or Level 2 dependant on their ability. 

The curriculum will be enhanced by a use of Cultural Capital which is provided through a programme of off-site visits and experiences including The Science and Industry Museum, Manchester; The Big Brain Event, Manchester University; Visits from STEM Ambassadors and Manchester University students.