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All English lessons are carefully planned to include a range of engaging and varied activities that cater for the needs of all students. Each lesson will include the use of colourful and stimulating resources and will involve interactive learning.

The course is assessed purely on examinations and all texts on the exam will be unseen. This means that teaching will be focused on reading and writing skills so students are ready to tackle unfamiliar texts.


Non-Fiction Reading and Writing


  • Focus on a range of texts from 19th, 20th and 21st Century
  • The component is designed to teach skills needed for work, life and further education.
  • We will study how to analyse and how to write a variety of non-fiction texts e.g. writing to persuade/argue/inform/
  • Literature and Creative Writing
  • Students will learn exam skills by studying a range of short stories and novels
  • We will study how to analyse and how to produce exciting and engaging creative writing.
  • Speaking and Listening


Students will be expected to produce one presentation or speech, including responses to questions and feedback.

Achievement in Spoken Language will be reported as part of the qualification, but it will not form part of the final mark and grade.