How are we supporting your child at home during COVID-19?

At Castlefield Campus we are committed to providing a safe, supportive and engaging learning environment for all of our students. This is still our priority even if your child is learning at home during the pandemic. Please find below, details of how we are supporting your child at home.


Laptops have been provided to all students working from home and they have been given a Teams account so they can access live lessons, resources and assignments. Students will be informed daily of their online lessons, which are delivered and planned by subject teachers with as much care as if they were in school. Students will be able to access differentiated resources and will be able to work on these with each teacher’s guidance. Students are also able to message teachers on Teams if they have any questions about their learning. If there are any issues with laptops or Teams please do contact school and we will be able to sort out the problem as soon as we can.

As well as online learning, we also send out packs of work for students to complete at home and return when collected by a member of staff. The work we send out is engaging and in line with the lessons being taught in school. Teachers make sure that work sent out is appropriate for each student’s level with enough challenge to develop knowledge in each subject.

We love to reward our students at Castlefield and we continue to do so with those learning at home. Students who regularly engage in online lessons or send back written work will be rewarded with a voucher of their choice e.g. Amazon, Xbox.

Teachers and Form Tutors also make positive phone calls home or send Parentmail messages to show how proud we are of your child!


We know that these are very difficult times and as always, your child’s wellbeing is of the highest importance. As well as online lessons, our members of staff will drop by at student’s houses to say hello and see how they are getting on. This gives your child an opportunity to chat about any issues they may have with their learning and to return and pick up work from school. Of course, we are also here to provide support if you need to speak with us about any concerns of your own.

Dramatherapy Online

Dramatherapy online, has offered our pupils access to therapy when they haven’t been able to access face to face therapy during the pandemic. It has allowed them to share their thoughts, feelings and worries during what has been a very difficult time. They have been able to either talk about their concerns or engage in something more creative, like they would during face-to-face sessions. Having a safe and private space where they can express their concerns has been valuable to our pupils, and something they look forward to on a weekly basis.

Food vouchers and parcels

As well as support for your child, we understand that parents and carers may need some assistance. We send out regular food parcels and also provide vouchers to buy food for your child. Please do get in touch if you would like any assistance in this area.

If you have any concerns or would like more information about anything you’ve read here, please contact the school office and our team will do our best to offer you support.